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Last week I posted about trail running and that it’s the very best thing. Then, in a cruel twist of irony, I injured my hamstring during a Park Run on Saturday. Well, that’s the current opinion because I cannot manage any of the following without mild pain:

  • Stairs
  • Driving
  • Sitting down
  • Standing up
  • Just standing really
  • Lying down
  • Walking
  • Putting on jeans
  • Looking at my left leg

I also get around as fast as a snail wading through molasses, wearing lead wellingtons.

Everyone, including Google claims that “if it was a tear, then you’d really know about it.”  TBQH (to be quite honest -> don’t worry I got you), I don’t really want to know about the current injury either. If you’re here looking for advice on what to do for an injured hamstring, you won’t find much. Except to say that you should stay very still, definitely not move and make sure you’re close enough to reach an ice pack in the freezer.

Start of the 12km FNB One Run

Sadly this happened the day before the FNB One Run. This run has a great vibe and is apparently one of the best road races in Cape Town. Instead, my Dad took the entry. Let’s just say that Robyn Hobson ran a pretty fantastic time and will most likely be seeded in the A batch in 2019.

This means no Change of Season Trail at L’Avenir this weekend. In fact, there won’t be much walking for the next ten days or so and subsequently no free smoothies either. This is quite frustrating as I had finally gotten to that hallowed stage all the running articles talk about. The part where you actually start enjoying it. Trust that I was the last person on earth who thought I’d not only enjoy running 3x per week, but miss it as well

To help prevent this happening again, people have recommended weekly yoga for runners. A good friend has been suggesting yoga for 2 years. Jen, celebrate, I’m finally listening. All it took was a hamstrung hamstring.

any good ‘Yoga for runners’ programs?

Taking this inflexible body to a class, surrounded by Capetonian women who’ve stepped out of an activewear spread in Vogue, is not my idea of a good idea. I’d like to be able to touch my toes before doing that.

If you have any tips on yoga for runners, how to get started or a course you recommend, please share. I’d prefer to follow an online program. I’ve got little experience, have a full-time job and have had little success with the yoga apps.

Any and all advice is welcome!

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