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Is TV Advertising still a relevant medium?

When did you last watch a TV ad? I’ve been asking around and most people need to really think, before they can answer. When asked to name 3 ads they’d seen in the last month, a few mumbled about insurance and that was it. And who can blame consumers? With Netflix, PVR and smart phone addiction, there is little incentive to watch an advert. Why would you? It’s practically habit now. The commercial starts and that’s your cue to pick up your phone or hit fast forward. Thanks to Adidas’s 2020 strategy, TV advertising looks set to shift drastically in 2017.

Adidas is cutting marketing spend on TV advertising

Hand on my heart, it is no surprise that Adidas is pulling all TV advertising from their marketing mix. It’s a no-brainer to rather channel that wasted, TV spend into digital. It’s where their target audience is and it’s also the medium that can be tracked, tweaked and targeted as and when you need. Unlike TV advertising, it allows for both certainty and agility, .

3 years ago, I sat in a kickoff for a new product launch. A media house was pitching their solution and roughly 75% of the pitch deck was devoted to TV advertising. I had little say in the matter but did wonder how they justified ROI with any kind of certainty. It seemed like 80% guess-work and 20% on a hope and a prayer. However, this move by Adidas will no-doubt have a ripple-effect and I’m curious to see which brands follow suit.

If you must flight an advert

If brands are adamant about TV advertising, it would be wise to combine the ad with a digital-related, call-to-action. One that either pushes site visits or brand engagement on social networks. Perhaps a code to unlock a voucher, or an online competition. This encourages consumers to visit your site or mention you on social media and you’ll have access to far more valuable, analytical data.

Is TV still a relevant medium?

It depends on your objective. However, to be frank, I haven’t seen the value of a TV ad for a while. As a medium and in its current state, TV advertising seems to have had its day in the sun. In fact, billboards seem more effective nowadays. However, this report seems to disagree and warns it could be very costly for marketers who shun the medium.

Admittedly, it’s hard to be a TV ad in 2017. Because not only do you compete with other ads in your slot. But now you’re competing with the phone in their hand and the remote as well. So, save yourself the hassle and use smart, targeted marketing to reach the people you actually want to talk to. Simply put: rather spend on digital.

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