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Is the iPhone the device for Africa?

Frankly having an iPhone in Africa, is like driving a Lamborghini in grid-lock. The market is heavily dominated by basic, inexpensive phones, with about 95% of phone sales being basic dumbphones. Smartphone penetration sits at a lowly 6-8% and iPhones make up a very tiny piece of that pie.  Yet, despite low penetration rates, analysts…

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Chatterbox Digital Social Media Statistics – South Africa 2012

31 million internet-capable phones in South Africa. 484 1380 Facebook users in South Africa. 50% of which access Facebook via their mobile. More mobile phones in SA than Taxis + TVs + Radios combined. Approximately 10 million Mxit users. So total, local FaceBook population = 1/20th of the Mxit population.

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