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    Yoga for runners

    Last week I posted about trail running and that it’s the very best thing. Then, in a cruel twist of irony, I injured my hamstring during a Park Run on Saturday. Well, that’s the current opinion because I cannot manage any of the following without mild pain: Stairs Driving Sitting down Standing up Just standing really Lying down Walking Putting on jeans Looking at my left leg I also get around as fast as a snail wading through molasses, wearing lead wellingtons. Everyone, including Google claims that “if it was a tear, then you’d really know about it.”  TBQH (to be quite honest -> don’t worry I got you), I…

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    Things I wish I had known before my first trail run

    Hello newbie trail runner. I am not a trail run expert and if you’re after incredibly technical advice, then navigate elsewhere. As of January 2018 I had never even set foot at a trail event. However, after a few months, here are a few things I wish I had known from the get-go. Long before the day DO YOU NEED ALL THE  TRAIL RUN GEAR? No. You are just starting out. Some items will help (see below) but you don’t have to rush off and buy a Garmin, running vest, hydration pack and compression socks just this minute. First see if you enjoy it, before bankrupting yourself. I noticed there…

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    Lets Start Trail Running

    At the beginning of every year, I think how nice it would be to get into trail running. And every year, without fail, 12 months go by and I find myself thinking the exact same thing. 2018 has been different.  I’ve entered almost every trail run in the Western Cape, actually done some, and the trail running bug has bit. I even put together a Western Cape trail run calendar which people (bless) have been using. If you’re an experienced runner, go away, there is nothing of value for you here. If you want to start and have been umming, ahhing and making excuses, keep reading. How to start Naturally, this new-found…

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    CMIYC: Groot Constantia Trail Run

    Earlier this month, I took part in the CMIYC 10km at Groot Constantia. It was a challenging, women-only trail run through the vineyards. It was well-organised, it was inspiring and the marshalls were a fantastic support. You could run or walk (during some stages some may even have crawled) either a 5km or 10km route. Both of which were untimed. Groot Constantia never disappoints and incredible horizons await you at the top of their hills. I’ve done several trails events there now and each one has offered up something new to appreciate. Breathtaking at some points (not just because of the running) and the dam loop was beautiful in the crisp,…

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    Creating brand awareness and keeping costs low

    In 2017, I helped launch two FMCG brands, taking their products from concept to shelf. The challenge was to find innovative ways to get the product in front of the target market, whilst keeping costs low. As marketers, we’ve all experienced navigating a marketing budget that squeezes your Rolls-Royce dreams, into a Volkswagen reality. Perhaps you’re a marketing manager, or perhaps you’re launching your own brand?, Either way, you’ve probably experienced the pressure to deliver impact, whilst keeping your costs low. Bringing two brands to the South African market in 2017 offered up the following insights. GET INTO Subscription Boxes This proved a quick and surprisingly effective way to reach the target audience.…

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    Is TV Advertising still a relevant medium?

    When did you last watch a TV ad? I’ve been asking around and most people need to really think, before they can answer. When asked to name 3 ads they’d seen in the last month, a few mumbled about insurance and that was it. And who can blame consumers? With Netflix, PVR and smart phone addiction, there is little incentive to watch an advert. Why would you? It’s practically habit now. The commercial starts and that’s your cue to pick up your phone or hit fast forward. Thanks to Adidas’s 2020 strategy, TV advertising looks set to shift drastically in 2017. Adidas is cutting marketing spend on TV advertising Hand…