New York | #Juno Snowstorm

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2015 has blessed me with some uncanny timing when it comes to travel. I was in Paris for the #JesuisCharlie vigils and hostage crisis, and now New York for #Juno – a blizzard that was set to be the largest snowstorm that the city had ever seen.

The media went crazy, analysts predicted 30 inches of snow for Manhattan alone, the subway was shut down and cars were cleared off the streets in preparation for this historic event.  I witnessed queues outside supermarkets that went the length of the block and then turned the corner.  I watched as New Yorkers panic bought MnM’s, Coca Cola, bread, milk, eggs and ice cream. (Not to be outdone, we bought wine, pop tarts, a can of soup, some fruit and an economy pack of Chips Ahoy) I heard Uber capped their rates. I saw homeless people huddled in the subway, snow ploughs patrolling the city, citizens salting the sidewalks and taxi drivers offering free rides to the elderly. I saw dogs in the park in their booties and New Yorkers with their sleds and snowman selfies.

However, the one thing I didn’t see was the historic snowstorm … we even stayed up. In the end New York got about 12 inches of snow and thankfully nothing even remotely close to what Massachusetts had to deal with.

On Monday and Tuesday I headed out into the city to capture some of Juno.

Here’s what I saw.

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new york snow juno 2

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new york blizzard juno





snow new york central park

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