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Brand Identity and Kapferer’s Brand Prism Template

Posted by on Mar 6, 2017 in Framework, Marketing
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I used Kapferer’s Brand Prism for a brand identity project and discovered that it is a useful framework to shape the perception and image of a brand.

The idea is that the prism will help you define and visualise what the brand symbolises to the user and what it represents and reflects to a non-user. The prism consists of 6 sides which represent Physique, Personality, Relationship, Culture (Values), Reflection and Self-Image. Mapping the brand according to this framework forces you to ask certain questions that are key to defining the brand identity. You can see a completed Prism for Apple below (source).

You’ll see it looks at both the sender and the receiver of the message, as well as the internalisation and externalisation. There are several resources online that explain how to use the prism and personally, this presentation on SlideShare was the most useful. I searched high and low for a user-friendly template, but couldn’t find one and eventually built the one below.

You are welcome to use it and can download the Kapferer Brand Prism template here [PDF], or use the image below.

Hope you find it as useful as I did.

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