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CMIYC: Groot Constantia Trail Run

Earlier this month, I took part in the CMIYC 10km at Groot Constantia. It was a challenging, women-only trail run through the vineyards. It was well-organised, it was inspiring and the marshalls were a fantastic support. You could run or walk (during some stages some may even have crawled) either a 5km or 10km route. Both of which were untimed.

Groot Constantia never disappoints and incredible horizons await you at the top of their hills. I’ve done several trails events there now and each one has offered up something new to appreciate.

Breathtaking at some points (not just because of the running) and the dam loop was beautiful in the crisp, morning air. Sadly didn’t snap any pics because the track was too narrow to stop without messing up someone’s run, or worse, ending up in the water. Their signboards throughout the route were awesome  -> some made me laugh, some made me emotional (could have been the early wake up though).  All-in-all it was great to be part of a trail event for women, by women.


These signs say the nicest things.

the next CMIYC event

There’s a CMIYC: Groot Constantia event coming up on the 2nd June. If you’re new to trail running, it’s a friendly, low-pressure environment where you can do you babe.

The CMIYC community is very inclusive and supportive and organises regular pop-up runs across Cape Town. You can find out more about them and the upcoming trail event on their Facebook page.

Waiting to start.
This hill, right at the end, was a shocker.
The beautiful CMIYC medal
And they gave us wine, isn’t that nice?

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