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    Is TV Advertising still a relevant medium?

    When did you last watch a TV ad? I’ve been asking around and most people need to really think, before they can answer. When asked to name 3 ads they’d seen in the last month, a few mumbled about insurance and that was it. And who can blame consumers? With Netflix, PVR and smart phone addiction, there is little incentive to watch an advert. Why would you? It’s practically habit now. The commercial starts and that’s your cue to pick up your phone or hit fast forward. Thanks to Adidas’s 2020 strategy, TV advertising looks set to shift drastically in 2017. Adidas is cutting marketing spend on TV advertising Hand…

  • value-driven marketing valuewashing
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    Let’s talk about Movement-Washing Marketing

    Movements, that’s what millennials care about, right? Brands know this and splash their chosen crusades across their sites, reports and even product packaging. Greenwashing and sustainability-washing are passé and we’re now in the era of movement-washing. This is when a brand spends a lot of time and money hitching themselves to a particular movement, but on closer inspection, comes up very short. It may seem attractive to champion a cause, but with greater access to information, preaching about what you don’t practice is risky business. Values are in and PROFITS ARE OUT! Research shows it’s trendy to be values-driven and to champion a movement that your target market cares about. Less carbon…