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iPhoneography 2013

YES! It’s time to celebrate the kickass work taken by our local iPhoneographers. iPhoneography 2013 has officially announced the call for entries, changed up the categories and elected an awesome, stylish and terribly good looking panel of judges (yes, this is a painfully obvious attempt at buttering them up and yes, I’m more than okay with it).

So how do you enter? Well, you read up on the guidelines, submit 5 of your best images and then sit back and bite your nails in anticipation as you wait to see if any of them have made it. Entries close on the 4th October (JHB) and 11th October (CT) and if you’re dithering about whether to submit your work, do yourself a favour and enter. What have you got to lose? It takes 2 minutes to enter and it’s a brilliant way to procrastinate yourself out of work that you should be doing, that keeps the economy turning.

In fact, I’m lying, it took me 57 minutes to enter. I form deep emotional attachments to my pictures, and wanted to enter them all, and had to explain to my Instagram account that even though I loved it very much, I could only select 5. Going through my photos, I realised that a few images have gotten into exhibitions and print this year, which is something I’m pretty proud of,  as it’s really just a little side hobby.

The final 5 are:

Anyway, enough about me, go enter your images.


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The Cosmo Lingerie Issue 2013

So it’s September and that means it’s Spring, it’s still a little bit (read a lot) cold and it’s almost time for the annual Cosmo Lingerie issue to get us warmed up and feeling sexy for Summer. Alternatively it’ll have us reaching for the ice cream as we turn page after page of svelte women blessed with bikini-ready figures, who stuck to their eating regimes and exercise plans this year. Alongside the issue is the Cosmo Lingerie Show; a night where gorgeous models strut around, wearing very little, whilst trays of Lindt chocolate float about the room. It’s really a win for everyone involved. Plus I live in hope that we may see a repeat appearance of the unforgettable 2012 guest who happily consumed a boiled egg whilst sitting in the front row.

Cosmo Lingerie

The issue hits shelves in October and I’m looking forward to it because a) what girl doesn’t have a thing for gorgeous (sometimes slightly impractical) lingerie, and b) songstress, Chiano Sky is on the cover and as you know, this blog has had a girl crush on her for a while now. Along with the magazine, and the show, Cosmo have added a dedicated microsite to promote the issue, the models and some behind the scenes content.

Had a lot of fun shooting it last year and I’m sure the 2013 show, just like last year, will make for some great shots.

Until then, here’s a sneak peek at what’s in the mag.

See you there!





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Oh Venice, you’re gorgeous!

I haven’t been to Venice, but I’ve seen it through the TV screen, it’s the setting for some of my favourite movies and I pretty much have to wipe the drool off my iPhone whenever @AnnCT posts flashbacks of her trip to one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

I have never ever been to Italy but I think about it often and in case you haven’t caught on already (it is a Monday), it’s one of my dreams to visit it.

Please don’t sink Venice! Not yet! Wait for me to get there, say hi (or is that ciao?) and go for coffee with you … and then you can sink.

Until then, I’ll just sit and oggle you through the screen.

I really just wanted an excuse to share these pictures.

How beautiful?






*Pictures sourced thanks to the big, bright, shiny Internet.

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Cherry Blossoms

Aren’t they beautiful? I want to see them one day. And I’ve just found out [thanks to the other Robs] that Cherry Blossoms grow in New York, in the Brooklyn Botanical gardens. I always thought you could only find them in Japan. Basically I’ve just given myself another reason (to add to the existing 62 million) to travel to NYC.

Apparently the trees are supposed to have a very calming effect on the viewer… so if you’re having a bad day, print these out and plaster your desk, your walls, the water cooler, most of the M3 and your collegues with them.

cherry blossoms

cherryblossom (1)

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 2.54.00 PM

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 3.05.13 PM

Images found here, here and here.

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