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Whilst travelling, I’ve been researching how UK, EU and US brands are currently handling digital. Globally, we’ve hit a saturation point where everything feels as if it has been done before and it’s interesting to see how the major players are tackling it. A few have stood out and in an effort to share this information for the greater digital good,  I’ll be talking about them over the next coming posts. The first one in the series is American cosmetics giant, Revlon.

Times Square is a pretty busy place and with all the brands competing for consumer eyeballs, it can be tricky to disrupt. Revlon however, are finding this no trouble at all with their Love is On campaign. Thanks to an interactive “kissing” billboard on Times Square, a 360 supported hashtag and the belief that Warhol was right and every human really does just wants their 15 minutes of fame, Revlon has a constant crowd in front of their billboard, which celebrates the launch of their new tagline – Love is On.


The “Love is On” campaign got my attention, because there was a large crowd, standing in front of the Revlon billboard,  hoping to catch a glimpse of themselves on the big screen. Not only could consumers see themselves live on the billboard, but they could also submit images to be featured on the both the Revlon website and billboard using the #loveison hashtag. I’ve visited Times Square several times during my stay and the crowd is a constant.


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Not only is it drawing a crowd in the real world, but it’s also drawing mentions in real-time. Unfortunately I don’t have any official stats available, but they’re currently sitting on 8953 photos on Instagram and the twitter mentions are noisy. Now whether this translates into sales I’m not sure, but it’s been a brilliant way to create awareness for their new tagline.

Too often I’ve seen campaigns where the window period on the user-generated content was too small and included too many hurdles to enter. Revlon didn’t make consumers purchase a product, or complete a survey to take part. Brands, do not make it hard for consumers to participate, make it easy for them to play a game with your brand.  Revlon has come good because #loveison is supported 360, it’s easy to enter, anyone can enter and they’ve let the billboard run for quite some time, to the point where it’s become a tourist attraction in its own right.

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The campaign has full 360 support on the Revlon homepage and social properties, a TV spot (referencing the hashtag – nice) and is fronted by celebrities including Emma Stone and Halle Berry. The digital execution on this is slick – none of their digital properties have been neglected and the digital CTA (#loveison) has been integrated into every single piece of marketing material that lands in front of the consumer, including in-store. I keep going on about the 360 support, but after working with a retail giant and seeing how hard it is to achieve, I now get excited when I see a brand nailing it.

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Just look at that crowd. For the record no other billboard in Times Square is currently  supporting user-generated content and none of them are getting this kind of reaction. Clearly Revlon have moderation in effect, as no self-respecting brand is going to truly hand that advertising space over to the consumer. Revlon also warn consumers about a potential 24 hour delay for approved images, which is a nice touch that manages expectations.

Again, they’re made it easy for consumers to participate and given it full 360 support across all the Revlon properties.  It’s crystal clear that their objective was awareness over sales and it appears as if they’ve succeeded.

Nice one Revlon!


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