• Small Businesses and Influencer Marketing
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    Small Businesses and Influencer Marketing

    The recent press indicates that big brands are realising that when it comes to influencer marketing, less really could be more. While the reach numbers from influencer campaigns look impressive in the C-Suite report, they don’t seem to be delivering many meaningful conversions. The database isn’t growing, no one is making their way down the funnel and there’s no increase in beeps at the till point. It turns out a lot of these followers are fake, influencer fraud is a big problem and a new approach is needed. Small businesses and influencer marketing Big brands are cracking down on influencer fraud, improving their influencer marketing and shifting towards more authentic relationships.…

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    Accommodation in the Cederberg: Kromrivier

    If you’re looking for accommodation in the Cederberg, then stop the hunt because Kromrivier is a great option. They have self-catering, luxury chalets, cottages and campsites available. There’s an on-site restaurant (and brewery) and the park is perfectly located for popular activities in the Cederberg area. The team is friendly and ready to help you out with whatever you might need. To find out more, read the Q & A below, or visit their website. This is a non-sponsored, quickfire Q& A from someone who had never been to the Cederberg. I stayed in one of their luxury, self-catering chalets and you can read about the trip here. The Accommodation…

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    A trip to the Cederberg

    On telling people you’re going to the Cederberg you will be told one of two things. Either a warning about the cold along with strict advice to take all the clothes you own, or that you must hike to the Maltese Cross. In some cases, you’ll even hear both. After spending a winter weekend there, both ring true. The Cederberg is a beautiful part of the world and I’m a bit embarrassed it took this long to get there. On a cold Friday in June, armed with wine, good food and a hot water bottle we set off to celebrate a new chapter for a good friend. Day 1: Stars,…

  • a high tea in cape town
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    A Cape Town High Tea at the Vineyard Hotel

    Are you into lush gardens, delicious treats and seeing a giant, roaming tortoise? If this sounds like your idea of a good idea, then read on dear reader. If you’re visiting South Africa and looking for a delicious, Cape Town high tea, the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands might just be the answer. Nestled in six acres of beautiful gardens, in the shadow of table mountain, sits the luxury 4-star hotel. The Afternoon Tea A selection of cakes, pastries and savoury finger foods is delivered right to your table and presented on a 3-tier cake stand. There are only 2 photos of the entire thing because what’s life without a little mystery?…

  • South African foodie experience
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    Wolfgat – unique South African foodie experience

    Are you a traveller coming to Cape Town in search of a uniquely South African foodie experience? Does eating dune spinach, West Coast oysters and smoking nectarines sound like your kind of thing? Then read on dear reader. Tucked away in an unassuming town called Paternoster, perched atop a cave and overlooking a long stretch of beach, is Wolfgat. Run by acclaimed chef Kobus van der Merwe, the small restaurant is famous for locally foraged ingredients. An adventure through West Coast food, you really have to experience Wolfgat rather than read about it. This review and others scattered across the Internet just don’t do the whole thing justice. Discovering the…

  • Trail Running

    Running in 7 degrees

    Dirtopia hosted another great trail run at L’Avenir in Stellenbosch this weekend. Sadly I wasn’t able to take part (#thanksleg) but went to hold car keys, cash and sweatshirts for two good friends. Aptly called the Change of Season Trail, it was a crisp 7 degrees at the start. Unlike the rain, Winter has now officially arrived. It was beautiful but properly cold and despite feeling a sense of missing out, there was the silver-lining that I could dress for warmth, not for speed. The route seemed relatively fast and I didn’t have long to wait, as the leaders came through within the first 30 minutes. It is pretty amazing…