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February 2016



Update: 15th – 21st Feb

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“Brains are a little bit like Eskom, they can’t sustain continuous power output.”

The first follower turns the lone nut into a leader. Great TED talk.

Sometimes wish we were writing up an ingratitude journal

Some people have already finished their individual leadership assignment

Watched Deadpool – unexpected in every single way

Spent weekend at the GSB

Started thinking about electives to pick

Three walks on the promenade

“Sometimes the only way to change it is to burn it down.”

Booked a kayak outing

Did yoga, realised how tense entire body is

After two sessions, I am obviously highly ambitious and disappointed I cannot do the impossible already

Brig Thursday

Forgot how beautiful this poem is

Can now APA 6 reference like some kind of champion

Spent two hours daydreaming about travel bucket list

Went to Spur, had a monkey gland burger. Humans probably shouldn’t eat tese

Found out a lot about monkey glands

Accidentally kicked a table so hard I cried

Stood in vomit (not mine) whilst walking back to my car, in a respectable parking lot



February 2016



Update: 8th Feb – 14 Feb

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Found amazing lunch spot beneath Workshop 17 called Cooked – try the roasted veg salad

Started using a sleep meditation app called Sleep Pillow

It was like reading the same bad novel 12 times. – accounting lecturer

Started Monday, insert black hole, somehow got to Friday

Personality insights came back as very, very green

Living with a cat is entertaining

Worst night of sleep – fell asleep at 1AM.

After years of ignoring me, cat finally extended friendship by jumping through window and on to bed at 1.30AM

Was so tired, tried to chuck cat back out through the burglar bars

Cat thought this was the start of a game and ran into the room, mewed and ran out again repeatedly until 2.30 AM

“If you don’t play by Google’s rules, you need to go search under the stones or whatever.”

MBA Valentines Day

Tried out Dalliance; great tapas spot in the Waterfront – try the butter chicken

Either at the Graduate School of Business, in the Waterfront, on the Promenade or in bed

Much work, max readings, min time

MBA groups are starting to crack a little bit

LifeStraw is a product that’s changing lives

The nation is in a state; FM doesn’t think it’s a laughing matter

Great conversation about SA with an Uber driver from Zim – didn’t want to get out the car

Leadership unmade the weekend

An Aerosmith is a person who fixes broken bubbly chocolates. – @JamesFreemantle

Indoor Picnic :)

Baby frangipani tree is starting to grow flowers :) :)



February 2016



Update: 1st Feb – 7th Feb 2016

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  • Started week with a bad cup of tea and Monday went downhill from there
  • Promenade walk
  • People on the promenade either look they’re in a Nike advert, or running away from the circus
  • Lost water bottle, but it was stolen from Enmasse so this is probably karma
  • Enmasse, by the way, is a great place to go for a massage
  • Tired this week, Wednesday was a bit of a disaster
  • Laughed until I cried during 3 consecutive group meetings
  • “It’s like chocolate and vanilla. Once you’ve had chocolate, you just can’t go back to vanilla.”

  • Tax refund approved – heard the angels sing
  • “They weren’t business student types … they were actually all down to earth.”

  • Picked up a cute jacket at Zara
  • First Social Committee meeting of 2016
  • Enjoyed this article on the true cost of Uber 
  • Amazing how different lecturers can bring out different reactions in the same class
  • “Do you think he’s going to come back for the cake though?”

  • The Force Awakens reimagined as Calvin and Hobbes made me smile
  • Spent 40 minutes trying to work out a Cost of Sales figure for a bakery in 2010
  • Had a portrait photo taken and was awkward about the whole thing
  • Unknowingly ate Psyllium husk and got to see what I’d look like if I was 3 months pregnant
  • Might be a closet red personality type
  • Fed a class member chocolate while telling her how wonderful she is – was even more awkward about this
  • Given a GnT that could strip paint from the walls
  • Braai/ BBQ hybrid on Saturday night
  • Reading Why Nations Fail and enjoying it
  • An Egyptian goose that gets up at 5.30AM is making me rethink attitude towards guns
  • Tried out a back stretching contraption
  • Greenbelt walk
  • Tried carb-free, guilt-free Malva pudding made by Lynne



February 2016



Update: 25th – 31st Jan 2016

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Love Sea Point – seeing the ocean every day is good for your brain

Body clock still really likes 5.20 AM

Parking in the new car is entertaining

Tried out vegan pizza at the Waterfront Food Market – it’s good

“It’ll be a jolly exam man!”

Fascinating lecture on the nuances of business in Africa

Stumbled onto the Corruption Perceptions Index 2015 – Africa is all about the red

“There will definitely be some academic shit to research on this.”

Played Foosball – been way too long

Discovered Deloitte has a digital division

Chronic name droppers are my worst

Airport run

If you lose your faith in humanity, go and spend time in the arrivals hall of your nearest airport

Reminded how important the women in your life are

Breakfast at Olympia

Tried out a GnT infused with rosemary, lime, cucumber, and mint

Read that humans need 4 hugs a day for survival

Shamelessly had this on repeat for most of the week

Read, read and read some more

Exercise routine is so non-existent right now



January 2016



Update: 18th – 24th Jan 2016

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  • 5.20 alarm to miss traffic; still sitting in traffic
  • MBA Orientation Week
  • Slept badly
  • I have forgotten a lot of accounting
  • Celebration dinner at Balthazar
  • Favourite part of the day: 7AM, sitting outside in the GSB quad, with a cup of tea
  • Sat in the best IT lecture of life; cried with laughter
  • KLM’s Lost and Found Service spot is brilliant 
  • Grateful for Mum and Dad
  • And grateful to a friend and her family for letting me rent their spare room
  • Moving to Sea Point and excited to see the ocean every day
  • Getting POs out of agencies has to be the most convoluted process known to man
  • But getting the GSB printers to work is a dark art
  • This clip made my week 
  • Asked a gardening expert questions about pot plants on CapeTalk
  • 2ish hours running round the Waterfront for a team treasure hunt on Friday afternoon
  • Legs refused to get out of bed on Saturday morning
  • The Village Idiot has an Ostrich behind the bar
  • Rediscovered Black Keys, Brothers 2010
  • Invited to speak at a conference in Hong Kong, but sadly can’t, as dates clash with final exams
  • Intern has exceeded expectations by miles
  • Sharing some thoughts on social media power & responsibility
  • Updates and snaps from friends on the East Coast are making me miss New York
  • Cut sugar this week
  • Saturday was … interesting
  • ” The older you get, the more you realise that no one has a goddam clue what they’re doing. Everyone’s just winging it.”

  • Spent Sunday reading
  • Finished The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier
  • Here’s his TEDTalk
  • Tried to finish All The Light We Cannot See – beautiful read
  • Thoughts this week:

What am I doing here?

How the hell am I going to read a 323 page textbook before Monday?

Can I still get a refund?



January 2016



Update: 11th – 17th Jan 2016

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  • Landed back in Cape Town
  • Hot. Heatwave. Dear God, how have Capetonians been living through this?
  • MBA meet-up at La Vie – nice to finally meet a few classmates
  • Finished “Serial” podcast – narrator got on nerves slightly
  • Finished Bloodline – it’s good. Netflix it
  • Cape Town, we need to talk about the traffic
  • And then we need to talk about the wind
  • MBA Registration  – opened welcome pack, discovered student card and 4 years of undergrad came rushing back
  • Did have a moment where the enormity of it hit home
  • Everyone is incredibly smart and interesting
  • Over 40% of the MBA class is international – USA, Canada, Brazil and Japan
  • Official welcome to the UCT Graduate School of Business – “How are you adding value to the world?”
  • Watched Beasts of No Nation – not for the faint-hearted
  • Weekend of MBA team-building in Grabouw – started out apprehensive (can loathe team-building), but absolutely loved it
  • Cape Leadership facilitated an amazing two days – many thanks to them
  • Highlights: Sudoku and pyramid puzzle, the blindfolded, eggs and tennis ball search, and the raft building
  • Hardest part: Climbing a tree with tiny footholds turned out to be much harder than I expected
  • Our team nailed the raft challenge
  • Scraped and bruised and have a good feeling about MBA group
  • Ready to start this chapter